Monday, December 10, 2012

Kinda bossy turns totally mild = Ashley

Can't believe it, the year is almost over and Ashley is the last n/n of the calendar year. (I will be doing Bennett in January who was adopted after I started my year long project)

When I started doing these, Ashley commented to me once that I would be sick of doing all these cookies and would probably quit before I got to her. :)

Nope, nada, no way. Now what kind of aunt would I be if I only honored a few of my nieces and nephews.

I have lots of memories of Ashley since we both lived in the same town while growing up. Ashley may have been what you call bossy, but not in a bad way. She just knew how to take charge, and was a pro at telling people what to do, and when to get it done. Well, actually this just usually involved her siblings or cousins. She was the director of any type of production that the all the grand kids were cooking up. She did not have a problem of keeping her siblings in line as well. She is the totally opposite now, not bossy or controlling, does not always want the spotlight and pretty darn calm. :)

When I think of Ashley I think of a dancing, singing, ketchup eating Dorothy in her blue plaid dress.  Kinda wish I had a picture of her doing all those things at once, that would be pretty funny.

One time I stuck in my cassette tape of Rick Astley (yes I said Rick Astley, I grew up in the 80's) and was jamming away singing along when all of the sudden I hear Ashley's little voice on the tape talking to her sister about jumping on the trampoline and listening to music. Well back in cassette tape times the cassettes will warp/melt if left in the sun which is what happened to this cassette. So I figured out that you could take out the tape from the cassette and trade it with the tape of another cassette, what I did was put in a blank record-able cassette, but forgot to break out the tabs on the cassette so it could not get recorded over and so my guess is Ashley and Mikkel were at Grandma's outside listening to my music and pushed the pause button, but on accident hit record and I got to hear their conversation ever more when I decided to listen to good ole Rick. :)

Now onto the cookies!

Ashley and her two sisters are all into dance, and are all very good at it. Ashley just told me that she has recently started teaching dance classes, and is loving it, so some dancing cookies were in order. I made royal icing transfers this time and oh man were they a pain. I made multiple and every one broke, but I just made do. I don't have a copy cake projector and until I can afford one, transfers are what I have to do, if I want some like this, because I can not free hand that well.

Ashley also said that she loves makeover shows, and she would love to be on one someday. Which I have no idea why because her fashion sense is amazing and she is a beautiful woman! But these cookies are in honor of wanting a makeover.

Ashley is also into fashion, and as I said, she is one well dressed lady. I hope she does not buy shoes like these. Now they are something that I would have worn in the fluorescent years of the 80's, but please no, not today.

And I had to pay homage to the her love of ketchup when she was a kid, she LOVED it and put it on her mashed potatoes. Ummm, not so yummy to me. :)

And of course she loves her family..... her stinking cute little boy and husband, her siblings and parents, and her extended family.

Happy Birthday Ashley, sorry I took so long to get your post up this last week was so crazy busy!!

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