Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mr. Athletic takes time for kids = Zach

Zach rounds out the tribute for the Wells children. Zach is the fourth child of my sister Kanani's and second boy. To see his siblings posts you can click on their names. Kelsey, Brady, McKenzie, and Sydnee.

***So I totally forgot to add this other memory I have of Zach and picture I have to prove it. I can't remember why my family was getting together, I think it was after a graduation or something, maybe it was my college graduation, oh well.....anyway  we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant well little Zach was asleep was a sleep when we got there but later when he woke up he was hungry and just went to town downing the chips and salsa. He even ate the salsa with out chips. It was spicy  Just proves that this kids was tough as nails even as a toddler!***

Zach is of course just as athletic as all the other Wells, but he and his younger sister do not do the swimming like their older three siblings, but soccer is in their blood. As far as I know my sister never played soccer and I don't think their dad did either, but they definitely have a competitive streak and it was successfully transferred to the next generation. :)

When I say we are going to go over to Zach's house, there are cheers and chants in my home. My two little ones love Zach and especially my boy. He worships Zach and wants to hang out with him the whole time we are over there. Zachary has been a wonderful in being willing to hang out with them and play with them. As he has gotten older he may not be too enthusiastic in doing it, but he will do it and I am grateful that he does.

My sister sent me Zach's favorites, and I guess I just saw what I wanted to see. She said that he loves Pizzokies, a dessert made of chocolate chip cookie dough cookie in a little pan and topped with ice cream.

In my mind just chocolate chip cookies stuck in my mind so I made these.

Soccer is not the only sport he loves, my sister sent me quite a few sports that he loves, and I chose a couple that I have not done over and over. He loves Tennis.

And Ping Pong.

Kanani also said that he loves his iPod, she thinks that it might actually be glued to his hand!!

Seems like these siblings seem to share a quite a few of their favs and music is another one of those.
He loves the music of Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. I swear to you that these profiles are really of these ladies. Carrie is on the left and Taylor on the right. I printed out their pictures and I cut them out on edible paper.
These are the images I used.

My frosting was a little too thick so they don't look as smooth as they could have.

Happy Birthday Zachary thanks for being such a great role model for my little ones to look up to.

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