Sunday, October 28, 2012

Witchy Leg Cake

Saw this stinking cute cake over at and had to make it. I made three of them and the kids and I planned on taking them to people in the neighborhood to "boo" or "spook" them.

I did mine a little bit differently. I used candy melts instead of fondant for the shoes. I just printed out a boot pattern placed wax paper over the paper, melted the black candy melts and piped them over the pattern. Candy melts are great because they set up pretty fast.

I also used candy melts to dip my pretzel sticks to make the legs. I made my cakes and decorated them all in one afternoon. So it was good that I used the candy melts, if I used royal icing as suggested on the cake school site I would have needed to let them dry over night.

Then I found these cute Have a sweet my pretty! free printables here.

The kids helped a little with the decorating and we delivered them out. We got caught at the first house but we had a good time.

Hope you have a very Happy Halloween!!

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