Monday, October 22, 2012

One tough cookie... Sydnee that is, not the cookie :)

Holly cow, this week was crazy and so I am a little slow at getting this post up. This last week was Sydnee's birthday. Syd is the 5th and youngest child of my sister Kanani.

Sydnee just turned 12, and I think she is one tough cookie!!

I am not sure if she wants me to share this, but I was totally impressed with her ability to be tough. I am an esthetician, an esthetician is a skin care specialist so I deal with all things skin. Her mom drove her up to me for a few facial treatments. Most women and especially men complain during chemical peels and extractions, but Syd just winced a few times and took it like a trooper.

Sydnee is also a tough competitor which is no surprise growing up in the Wells clan, although she does not swim like 3 of her older siblings, she is totally in love with the sport of soccer. She has been playing on a team as long as I can remember, maybe I should have my son go live with them for awhile to get him interested in sports. When he plays soccer he just piddles around on the field while his teammates kick the ball. :)

Sydnee loves cinnamon rolls so I thought I would just make some to look like the delicious pastries minus the cinnamon smell!

Her favorite soccer player is Fernando Torres. He plays for Spain. I was lazy and did not want to make his face out of icing so I had him printed on a sugar sheet instead.

Her favorite colors are blue and pink, so pink and blue soccer balls it was, and her favorite number is 13!

And she is totally obsessed with the boy band One Direction. Her favorite is Harry, he is the one on the far left! Yes I printed these out as well on a sugar sheet. I was lazy!

Then I forgot to take a picture of them all together so my sister was kind enough to do that for me and send it to me. She also said that Sydnee squealed when she opened the cookies and said, "mine are the best she's ever made"!  Thanks Sydnee I will give you a big hug next time I see you!

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  1. She totally loved them and only has a couple left to eat, she's eating them by herself :)