Sunday, June 3, 2012

“Space, the final frontier." Lindsay's 1st voyage!

Lindsay's Birthday was last week and I got her cookies to her on time but I am so slacking on getting posts done lately.

Lindsay is the first born to my brother McKay, I mentioned him just a couple of weeks ago in Ella's post he has two lovely daughters that were born in May and I have done Abby's cookies back in March so only one left in that family to do. :)

Most memories I have of Lindsay she will not remember since she was under 4 years old when we hung out the most. I got the opportunity and privilege to live in the basement apartment of my brother and sister in law's home while I was attending college for a time. Something I am really grateful for and so glad they gave me a discounted price. :)

Now I shared a story before when Aunt Natalie was taking care of little ones on Brady's post. But the time I got to care for Lindsay was a little different. It went a lot smoother and I am sure that Lois, Lindsay's mother, was so grateful for that. I remember them calling me every night  to make sure things were OK with little Lindsay and I while they were having a little vacation in NYC.

Lindsay was a few months over a year old  at the time and I like to go to movies and so I thought well I will just take Lindsay with me to the movie, we need to have something to do. I had seen other people take their kids to the movies and I thought it should be no problem as long as she does not start screaming. Now that I am a mother I am wondering what in the world was I thinking 15 years ago. Taking an infant to the movie usually is no big deal cause they will sleep through the whole thing but when those babies get a little older it is near impossible to get them to be quite for 1.5 to 2 hours.

I know you are thinking well you probably took her to a Disney movie of some sort to keep her occupied by song and animated color.......................... Ummmmm NOPE!

I officially introduced my 1 year old old niece to the movie SCI-FI world and took her to see Contact starring Jodie Foster and Mathew McConaughey, a little film about contacting other places that has supposed extra terrestrial life but if I remember right she actually contacted her father who died when she was 9. Anyway I don't remember, I saw it only once and you don't care....right?
I don't know why I wanted to see this movie. Maybe it was because I enjoyed SCI-FI flicks, maybe I liked Mathew, maybe I liked Jodie Foster's acting, I can't remember. And why did I think Lindsay would enjoy it? Maybe I thought she would enjoy space because her father enjoys Star Trek, who knows!!

Anywho, Lindsay did amazing, she slept for a little bit and I gave her a bottle but at one point she was getting a little fussy so I just went to the side of the theater by the entrance hallway and just did the soothing bouncing thing. (If you are a parent you know what I am talking about) and it worked like a charm. In my book the movie going with a baby was a success. It became one of those moments that I thought, "oh man having kids is going to be a breeze!!".............. Yeah I know, silly single girl, who longs to be married and have kids. :)

So with that experience I am officially going to take credit of Lindsay's enjoyment all things SCI-FI and while I am at it I will take credit for her love of makeup and fashion as well. Look......I have evidence. I found these pictures to prove my influence on her at a young age.

OK, OK enough of me thinking that I am awesome! Let us focus on who really is awesome and that is Lindsay! She is a wonderful 16 year old that impresses me with her smarts, spirituality, friendliness and dedication to health and exercise. I wish I was as dedicated as this young woman is.

Here are her cookies........
Some lovely lipstick, nail polish and eye-shadow cookies to show her love of all things girly.

Lindsay turned 16 and her awesome Dad put zebra stripes on the old Subaru she gets to drive. I have not seen the real thing but I hope to soon, sounds awesome, what a cool dad! Seriously all I wanted when I was  sixteen was to have a car on my 16th birthday!

And here is something that I can not take credit for at all, I have no influence on Lindsay with her musical abilities, she must have got that from her Mom! Lindsay plays the violin quite beautifully and I got to hear her and her younger sister play in church on Easter Sunday.

The whole gang together. I did not take a single shot of the horse but Lindsay LOVES horses and animals, unfortunately she is allergic to cats and I think dogs but not horses. Lindsay also does the Vaulting sport that I highlighted in her sister, Abby's, post. Click here to see Lindsay doing some crazy stunt on a horse. She is the one who looks like she is being swung out from the horse on the left.

Happy Birthday Lindsay I hope you enjoyed the cookies and that you actually ate one, I made them healthy with part whole wheat flour and organic raw sugar! :)

** Disclaimer** - I do not actually think that I influence my nieces and nephews in anyway. They get all their wonderful qualities from their parents.....who just so happen to be my wonderful brothers/brother-in-laws & sisters/sister-in-law's! :o)


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  2. Thank you so much Natalie! I did eat the cookies, and the were awesome! You are so talented and sweet:)-Lindsay