Monday, June 11, 2012

Firework Cookie (Tutorial)

Had to do some cookies and thought I would do something patriotic, since July will be here before I am ready. I turn 40 two days prior to the 4th and so this year July will come faster than I really want it to!

This is my first tutorial so forgive me if it is a little rough. These are simple to do. You can purchase a firework cookie cutter like this one or this one.

I did not have either of these but a leaf cutter will do just fine.

Here is the leaf cutter as you buy it.

All you have to do is just stretched it out a bit and voila! Don't worry just squeeze it back and you have your leaf again.
 Items needed:

  • White, Red, Blue 10-12 icing (or any colors you want, black looks cool to, looks more like night fireworks)
  • #2 tip
  • firework cookie or round cookie
  • toothpick or clean pin

Ring Version

  1. outline cookie
  2. flood cookie
  3. use wet on wet technique immediately add center color
  4. pipe red rings
  5. pipe blue ring
  6. place toothpick or pin in center of blue dots
  7. drag from center out edge, continue around cookie to make bursting form
Then pick up cookie and tap firmly on table or counter to help icing to smooth back out. (I used Karen's meringue powder butter-cream icing on these and it was a little too thick, but I usually use  a cookie crazies glaze, you can see the modifications I do to the recipe's here.

Dot Version

Round cookie Version

Great cookies to share for your patriotic BBQ, picnic or gathering coming up soon!

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