Friday, June 22, 2012

Belated Father's Day

So I totally did not get my Dad some cookies made for actual Father's Day last Sunday. He lives 5 hours away from me but I get to see him tomorrow so I thought I would try to ask for forgiveness by making  him these cookies.

I love my Dad he is the best I could have asked for. He has worked hard all his life and is 80 years old and still working. He has had heart problem in the past decade but has made it through a few surgeries and is still taking care of his role of Patriarch of his huge posterity of 80+. I am so thankful he is here and hope to have many more years to come.

My Dad has worked so hard all his life he has been pretty much self employed most of his working life. He was the editor and chief of a local paper and owner of a print shop all of my life and then after selling the paper they continued on with a book and supply store that was started along the way. My father worked early in the morning until late at night. He was gone a lot but living in a small town was great because he would  come home for lunch often and was always home for dinner even if he had to go back to the "shop" after to get all the work done.

I have wonderful memories of having to stuff the "newspaper" with local ads every Wednesday and I am sure I complained about having to do that when I was young but I am so thankful for my father teaching me the importance of work and being responsible. Sadly in this day I think parents fail at those things because they want to give their kids what they didn't have but unfortunately that is not going to help them at all when they try to enter the workforce!

Two other memories I love of my dad is how he would read books to me and my younger brother at night before bed and laying out on the trampoline looking at stars.  Thanks Dad for being such a great example to me of how to live my life right and for all the love and support you have and continually give to me and my family. My kids love to go to Kanab to visit Grandma and Grandpa Brown and I am so grateful for the love that they have for them because I wanted them to love them even more than I do!!

My Dad lived in Hawaii for 2 years about 60 years ago while serving and LDS Mission there and he still loves to talk about Hawaii today. My parents have been able to go back a few times. He still is in contact with a man he taught all those years ago, which i think is amazing. Dad also still sports the Hawaiian shirt so this cookie is totally fitting.

Dad still enjoys playing tennis with is older brother on Saturday's. They take turns winning!!

And a couple of manly things my Dad has always done is take care of his yard, with the help of mom. Their lawn and garden are amazing! They live in 90-100 weather in the summer. Right now my grass is dying but I am sure their is green as can be.

My dad also loves to watch tennis, football, basketball and volleyball. Now that he is "semi" retired he gets to spend a lot of time watching sports on the television.

My Father can also fix pretty much whatever is needed to be fixed, he may not do so much anymore but he is still pretty handy and has even helped me with projects at my home! I think all 9 of his children have learned that if we don't know how to do something just try to figure it what, that is what your noggin is for.

I hope that my Dad enjoys these cookies, and hopefully he will share them with my kids on our road trip tomorrow because I told them he would! :o)


  1. Cute cookies! Amen to everything you said. I love Grandpa!

  2. So cute! Love the shirt cookies. Great post, I love him so much and those are the same things I love in Brant!