Saturday, May 12, 2012

Harry & Angela on fire at Olive Garden

Angela is the fifth child to my brother Robert and she was the baby of her family for around 9 years, then twins were added to the clan and Angela is now number 5 out of 7!
I have already done cookies for her older brother Terence and older sister Acacia, so after these there are still 4 more to go in Robert and Nina's clan. :)

Angela was just a baby when Robert's family moved to Summerville, South Carolina, so I did not get to spend much time with Angela when she was growing up. I was fortunate to spend about a year in South Carolina while I attended Esthetics school back in 2000/2001 so I did get to visit with their family quite a few times during my stay. I don't have a particular memory of something that Angela did, but she was always a pleasure to spend time with, a very well behaved child and so gracious to let me stay in her and her sisters room when I visited.

Angela I swear blossomed overnight when her family had moved back to Utah, and literally from one time that I saw her to the next she turned from a girl to a beautiful young woman. Angela's name is very fitting for her, as her mother said she is an Angel. She has been nothing but kind and nice to me and to all that I have seen her interact with, she is the best of friends with her older brother Dallin and she is willing to help out with her younger siblings.

The memory that I do have of her family while in SC was that they were reading the Harry Potter books, and Angela was no different, she loved the series just as much as her older brothers and sisters. She still loves the series today. So I wanted to do something Harry Potterish, but did not want it to be extremely difficult so I came up with ties to represent the four Hogwarts Houses. I thought about doing the different house crests, but that would be so time consuming so ties it was.

Took these pictures at night so that is why they don't look so great, but I had to send them off early in the morning with my husband so he could drop them off at my brothers work since they work within the same block of each other.

Angela is very much a fashionista. She is always dressed nicely and very classy. Her brother Dallin had worked at Banana Republic and he was more than willing to share his discount and dressed his sister to the T!

Angela is a lover of books, and she was not only obsessed with Harry Potter, but The Hunger Games as well, so I chose to do an arrow on fire to represent Katniss, "the girl on fire."

Another love of Angela's is Italian food and her favorite restaurant is the Olive Garden. I messed up on it a bit and got some food color on it but I hope she liked it anyway.
Happy Birthday to the angel Angela!!

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