Friday, March 2, 2012

Outdoorsy, musical and artistic = Acacia

Acacia's birthday rounded out February.
Acacia is a wonderful young woman, she is the oldest daughter of my brother Robert, he has 7 children, so he will be mentioned a lot this year on this blog.
Acacia has a unique name and I believe that my brother and wife found her name in the Bible. Acacia is a type of tree and is believed to be the possible type of tree that was the burning bush that Moses encountered. I got to visit and get to know Acacia a little while I lived in South Carolina and that is where I first learned of her music abilities, I attended a bell recital for Christmas when she was probably in Middle school and then I heard her sing one time and I remember telling her that she should pursue that hobby in her life. She seemed a little shy about it. She also is a beautiful piano player. It's always a pleasure to get to hear her play.
She returned home last year from serving a mission in Russia for 18months. I was going to do a little Russian nesting doll, but then forgot to do it. Maybe I will still do one sometime cause I thought that would be a cute cookie.
Anyway what can't this woman do, she speaks Russian, plays piano, sings, artistic, and loves being outdoors. She will be graduating from BYU this spring and then she will go onto pursue a interior design degree. I wish I could take some of those classes but sure don't want to take any test or do a bunch of reading. :)
Happy Birthday Acacia we love you and you can come visit us when you are in our neck of the woods!

She is into interior design but I could not think up a interior design cookie so I figured that an artist palette would be a good representation of her talent.

I chose the music note because she plays the piano and sings so well. I always thought she should further develop that talent.
On this cookie I used fondant instead of icing because I had a bunch of black fondant left over.

The flowers represent her love of the outdoors and purples and greens are her favorite colors.

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  1. I am really enjoying reading about the n&n's! I love that you decided to do this cookie thing this year, it is fun to wonder about what theme you will go with next. You are amazing Natalie!