Monday, March 19, 2012

The B post

Blushing Brooklyn Barton, Boisterous Beiber, Bouncing Balls. They may not have broke baby birds balloon but it was fun to come up with that little line. :o)

My nieces birthday is this next week and I got her cookies done a little early. Brook is the only daughter of my sister Kristine. She is a fun, bubbly, dramatic and impressive teenager. 
Yes this 16 year old is impressive to me. Why you ask? Well for starters when she was only 14 she had a full time babysitting job in the summer. After telling me what her job entailed I was glad it was her and not me doing the job. You have to be a very responsible girl to be given that much trust.
Also last year I walked into her bedroom and I was blown away by how clean and tidy it was. I asked my sister if she always had a clean room and she said "pretty much". Kudos to my sister for teaching her kids to be clean and kudos to Brook for being obedient and respectful.!!
Of course she is the typical teenager when it comes to BOYS! Oh yes she likes boys. She reminds me of myself as a teenager when it come to boys except for the fact that unlike me she is way more outgoing and actually talks to them. Way to go Brook, I wish I would not have been so afraid of boys when I was her age.
Now onto some of Brooks favs. 
When I talked to her Mom to ask her what some of her favorite things were she said that she was her favorite thing. She said from the moment Brooklyn was born she has been attached to her hip.
So I figured that if Brook was ever the kind to get a tattoo that this popular "MOM" tattoo would be the one she would choose. 
I had a winged heart cookie cutter and I tweaked it into the tattoo.

Pretty sure that my sister hopes that she never gets this tattoo or any for that matter.

So Brook is an athlete as well and she really enjoys softball and volleyball. I am grateful for the n&n's who are interested in sports because they are pretty easy cookies to do.

Now onto the Beibster. Yes Brooklyn is a fan of Justin Beiber so I searched for a coloring page image of Justin and yes there are coloring pages of him.
Then I cut it out and traced the hair and face outline onto the cookie to give me a guide.
He looks a little sad in the results, but I think it is the hair that makes it believable.

Happy Happy Birthday Brooklyn, I wish you many many more years of boy chasing!! :o)

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