Sunday, February 12, 2012

John's Birthday

So I am an Aunt 37 times and even a Great Aunt 12 times (I think) but John made me an Aunt for the first time when I was 8 years old. I can still remember vividly telling the the other kids in my primary class at church that I was an Aunt and I was really excited to share that news with them.

John is a great guy so talented and seriously a genuine nice guy. In the past he used to do dry wall for his job and this last summer he and his wife and little boy sacrificed a few of their Saturday's to come up to our house and install drywall and mud an tape a new wall and closet so that our son could have his own room.

I seriously can not express how grateful I am for his talents and kindness.

Currently he works for an electrical wholesale supply company and that is why I did the theme I did. I know it is cheesy and I really do apologize to John for not coming up with something a little more original. But I hope he knows that I appreciate and love him.

I purchased some cookie boxes from BRP Box Shop, they are great!

So there are 5 n/n's this month and 5 next month. Can't wait till April, should be able to take a little break then. :)

I did not have a light bulb cookie cutter so the pictures below show how I used my ring cookie cutter and converted it into a bulb cookie.

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  1. John loved the cookies! He loved the chocolate coconut flavor and wants the recipe.