Friday, February 24, 2012

Get Well Plate

Not sure if these cookies will make you well. But I wanted to do something for my sister in law, Lois, who has been experiencing Neuropathy pain all over her body. No fun at all and the doctors as of now don't really now what the cause is but from her research the condition can be overcome and we hope and pray for that to happen.

I chose to do a plate of cookies and make the plate edible as well. I saw this idea here and I really wanted to try it. My brothers family lives about an hour away from me but he happens to work 5 minutes up the road, so last week when I decided I wanted to do this, I realized it was Friday and I wanted to get them to my brother so he could just take them home with him from work. So starting around 8am I mixed up cookie dough, cut baked and iced the cookies. That is why the plate is not so pretty but I plan to try it again another time. You really need to let  your icing dry for 24hours but I did not have that kind of time, so with the help of a little space heater I got them dry enough, packed and delivered to him by 2pm.

Here is to Lois and to conquering this bump in the road. We love you!

Happy Baking!

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