Sunday, February 19, 2012

BYU's Big T

Big T is what a lot of people like to call my nephew Terence. The reason why, well the BYU 2011 Football Roster list him as 6'4" and 318 pounds (but most of the time these numbers are exaggerated). That just might be what some call big.

Terence is the oldest son of my older brother Robert, he is a big guy but also a very nice guy. My brother and his family moved out to South Carolina at least 16 years and so we did not get to see his family very often. But in 2000/2001 I moved out to Columbia SC to attend a Esthetics school. There is more to that story but it's is not necessary to share. Anyway I got to visit the Southern Brown's quite often while I lived out there and it was fun to be able to hang out with my n/n out there.

Terence impressed me when he was a young man. The "adults" would be chatting and Terence would come in the room and join right in. He wanted to chat and it surprised me that a teenager would even care about what the "adults" were talking about and that he actually added to the conversation. Seems like most teenagers think their parents or adults are lame and don't really care to hang out with them.

In the South Football is a BIG deal and most scouting happens at a very young age. Terence played High School Football in Summerville SC for the nations most winningest High School Football coach. (John McKissick) I don't know all the details exactly but Terence was actually sought out by a few colleges and he chose BYU.

He has played for BYU as an offensive lineman. This last year was his last year and I believe he has made himself available for the NFL draft, it will be exciting to see what happens in April.
Well Terence I hope that you had a very happy birthday and I hope that you like your BYU football themed cookies even though you don't play for them anymore! :)

I was pretty happy with the "Y's" that I got on the helmets.

And I was very sad that my navy blue bleed into the white. Should have done the blue first and let it dry then did the white. At least I hope that will work better next time. Also thought I would do a double decker cookie so that the letters could have a back drop. I was told that Terence's favorite color is blue. Well BYU is blue so we just kept on with the blue theme.

My favorite part of the jersey is the Nike swoop. Cute.

All boxed up and ready to go, I love these boxes, it's fun that there is a window to see the sweet treats inside.