Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Goal / Morgan

So since I have decided to do a blog about my sweet hobby I was thinking how I could get inspiration to do different types of cookies.

Family came to mind.

I am the 8th child out of 9. Pretty crazy I know, I am 39 years old, all of my siblings are married and have children, some more than others but when I decided to do this blog there were 36 nieces/nephews now there are 37, but that happened after I decided to do this.

Anyway since I have 37 nieces/nephews (from here on out in this blog they will be known as n/n's) I thought hey I will make cookies for them for their birthdays. I thought this was a great idea because since I have so many n/n's I don't do much for them as in giving gifts. I know you are thinking what a lame aunt but I was only 8 years old when I became an aunt for the first time and it never occured to me that I needed to give gifts to my n/n's. It wasn't until I was in college did I realize I should probably be doing something for them. Again you are probably like well you could at least send them a birthday card.

Yeah I tried that once. I was serving and LDS Mission in Montana and I thought oh I will be a good Aunt and send birthday cards to my n/n's. Well John was the first one at that time in February and unfortunately the day came and passed and I forgot to do it. So I just gave up.

So from then on my poor n/n's only get something from me when they graduate from high-school and when they get married.

Ok well that was lengthy, let's get started.

The first (now second) grandchilds birthday in the calender year is Morgan. (the 37th n/n's was adopted just last week but he does not officially turn a number till next Jan, so I will catch him then)

Morgan Blaine Barton

Morgan's birthday is tomorrow Jan. 28th he lives in good old "K-Town" as the youngsters nowadays call it. I can't really get myself to call it that. It will always be Kanab to me.

Morgan is the youngest of 4 in his family and he is such a great kid. My little boy LOVES him so much, every time we go home to visit he wants to go hand out with Morgan. Of course Morgan is 8 years older than my son but he as been a good sport and plays with him when we come, at least for a little bit.
I also remember Morgan when he was just little that he was best buddies with his cousin Nathan and they were always doing crazy stuff together and getting in all sorts of trouble. If they had disappeared you knew whatever you found them doing most likely was not going to put a smile of pride on your face!!
Well Morgan is now 13 years old tomorrow and he loves to do sports that is why I chose a sports theme for him. His favorite color is red. He is all about athletics, he plays football, basketball and baseball. His mom said he is always watching basketball highlights. I sure hope he likes the cookies and I wish him a very Happy Birthday.

The KC is for Kanab Cowboy's.


  1. You're so talented and this is so fun! :) I don't know how you do it in your busy life, but I'm glad you do! Thanks for sharing!

  2. those cookies look too good to eat!