Saturday, April 19, 2014

Celebrate Life! My precious Bud and Tutes

Celebrating life today, and honoring a very special woman through honoring others.

We are celebrating the life today of Anita from Sweet Hope Cookies, she is an amazing woman in the cookie world.....well, she is just an amazing woman period!! Her example of selflessness and charity is so wonderful. I often think there are no people that give of themselves in this world including me, and when I see her constantly thinking of others it restores my faith in humanity, and gives me the boost to improve myself.

With this project we were asked to make a cookie or set a cookies for someone you love, who inspires you or someone you are proud of. 

I chose to honor my son and daughter. Since I have started making cookies more of a side business than a hobby, they unfortunately get less of my time. Every time I am doing a set of cookies my daughter will ask "who are these for?" and "are there any extras for us?" Most of the time there are no extras, but sometimes there are.  
So I chose to do a set of cookies for my two wonderful children who make me proud everyday. 

The above picture shows the stenciled pattern background a little better and the cookies in the picture below show the pet names that I call them, my special Bud and Tutes.

My son, who is my Bud came into our family a month earlier than planned, and in so doing his lungs were a little underdeveloped and he caught pneumonia. He had to stay in the hospital for 12 days before we could bring him home, so he got to spend his first Christmas attached to wires and tubes and I was a little freaked out. We got to bring him home on oxygen and he grew fast and was strong and was off of the oxygen within a week after coming home.   Since then he has been healthy and happy. He is such a tender sweet child and is willing to help out, and he takes care of his sister and forgives her quickly after she treats him unkindly. He is a smart kid and loves to build Lego sets and loves what every other seven year old kid consoles, electronics, scooters, Karate and super heroes!!

Our daughter came into our life five years ago in May, and she came in fast and furious, and she is still pretty fast and furious to this day! She likes to test my patience on a daily basis, but she is my Tutes girl and I love her dearly even if we butt heads on a daily basis. She has the most beautiful blue eyes that I love to stare at. She loves to sing and dance although she does not like you to watch her do it, for some reason this diva has a shy side.  She is bright and clever and ever so independent. She is going to accomplish great things if she puts her mind to it. She is four looks like she is six and acts like she is 16. :)

One more look at my Tutes girl......

and my Bud boy!

Excuse my messy kitchen, I live it in all day everyday and it shows. This is my children checking out the cookies as I unveiled them.

Their cute smiles.

I may not do a lot of things right, but my husband and I did two things perfect!!

Please check out all the other cookiers that made cookies to honor Anita and those who inspire them and remember to share your stories with others to #celebratelife

You should be able to click on the pictures below to go to each individuals FB page or blog.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Classic Baby Cookies for Henri

Had a little baby shower for my SIL awhile ago and of course cookies had to be made. 
Babies room was going to be decorated in whites and creams. 
Makes for a pretty classic timeless look.

Who doesn't love a tiny baby's foot, they are so cute.

Some bottles filled with love. I don't own a baby bottle cutter but I have a rolling pin one that I use and just trim off a handle and there you go instant baby bottle.

Some binkis, there is white dots in the cream but a little hard to tell in the picture.

The baby rattle, which if my favorite of the group.

And monogrammed onesies.  I passed out the favors after we enjoyed a yummy Thai lunch.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Birthday Cookies featuring The Howard!

My friend wanted to send some cookies to a friend for his birthday. She wanted to highlight some of his hobbies and likes. So this is what you come with when your friend is a.....


loves to go four-wheeling.......

also is a big time snowboarder............

and of course is a big fan of Howard Stern!! This was my first request for Howard Stern cookies and probably the only one I will get. ;)

I hear that he was super stoked about the cookies and was in love with the Howard Stern face and hand.

Retro snowflake stencil from Artfully Designed Co. and the quatrefoil stencil from Salsa Stencils.